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Glass and Window Cleaning

The strong environmental pollution caused by car and industrial exhaust gases is also reflected on all window panes. Dust and soot deposits can not be avoided.

Our trained cleaning team can do the best to ensure that your property is always bright and clean. Whether window panes or large glass surfaces, with our special cleaning methods, we even get to the most difficult access points and bring your glasses, as well as illuminated signs and lighting systems, back to high gloss.

You will get expert advice and competent advice on our cleaning procedures from us!

We offer glass cleaning for commercial and industrial needs

  • Window and frame cleaning
  • Glass roof cleaning
  • Solar panel cleaning
  • Signage and lighting system cleaning

We do that with a variety of techniques, including high reach & wash poles with pure water supplemented with manual cleaning techniques, using squeegees and applicators.

CLEANING ONLY WITH PURE WATER – does it work? Yes, it does – and it is fantastic !!

We use an innovative water treatment technology – engineered and made in Germany. It demineralises normal tap water.
The “pure” water has now a high resolving power. Is combines very easy with dirt particles lying on the surface which then flow with the water down the surface.

  • Hardest impurities get resolved like bird droppings
  • The water dries free of spots and streaks even in strong sunshine
  • A final squeegeeing or post-polishing commonly required for conventional cleaning is not necessary

Thanks to a well-engineered pole system, it is also possible to clean surfaces streak free with the pure water system of up to 20 m in height. The use of pure water systems is ideal for facades and especially photovoltaic systems.