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Water Fed Pole Window Cleaning

low rise building window cleaning in castle hill with waterfed poleAre you looking for a better solution when it comes to window cleaning services for your business?

Allow us to introduce you to the terms ‘water fed pole window cleaning‘ and ‘pure water‘.

Not sure what we’re talking about? Don’t worry – plenty of window cleaners still haven’t cottoned on to the benefits of the above, especially when it comes to strata window cleaning.

But, at Clean2Go, we’re not like other window cleaners. While you may see traditional operators trudging around with ladders and a bucket – or, for taller buildings, using scaffolding, cherry pickers or even abseiling equipment – we’re more interested in safe, quality, modern solutions for our commercial clients.

What is water fed pole window cleaning?

Water fed pole cleaning utilises extension poles, enabling our cleaners to reach windows up to 70 feet high – even when their feet are firmly placed on the ground. The term ‘water fed’ comes from the fact that the poles are connected to a tap; the water is then purified and sent up the carbon fibre pole to a specially-designed cleaning brush for glass. The pole can be extended as necessary, meaning it’s as easy for our cleaners to reach the seventh storey of your offices as it is for us to do the window areas around your building’s entrance!

What is pure water?

Have you hired a window cleaner, only to notice that, after they’ve gone, the water they’ve used has left a residue on your windows, meaning they’re no longer clean? Sometimes they may even be dirtier than before. That’s one of the effects of using regular, unfiltered tap water, as many companies do.

Pure water is filtered in four stages to ensure that, once they’re cleaned, your window areas stay spotless for longer. The water we use is free from carbon sediment, dissolved solids and impurities and we test the purity of our water with a particle meter. Consider this: tap water in Sydney usually contains around 130 parts per million. Our pure water? 0 (that’s zero!)

Benefits of water fed pole window or signage cleaning

When you enlist in our water fed pole window cleaning or signage cleaning services, you can be sure of the following benefits:

• A cleaner, longer-lasting finish – for frames and panels, as well as glass and signage.

commercial building window cleaning castle hill with waterfed pole

domestic window cleaning in castle hill with waterfed pole

signage cleaning in castle hill with water fed pole